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How do you replace the alternator on 1995 GMC Safari?


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how do you get the alternator out of a 1995 safari van.I took off the front bolts but still not coming out must i take off the "doghouse"to get access how do you get the alternator out of a 1995 safari van.I took off the front bolts but still not coming out must i take off the "doghouse"to get access


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must removed the shield that covers the the fan in front. once that's removed you could get a better clear area to get to the alternator.

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About $370 in Minnesota, with a new alternator.

A GMC Safari is one of the vehicles that installed their fuse boxes under the hood. To open it squeeze both sides.

follow the top radiator hose to the motor and where this conects is the thermostat houseing. be sure to replace it with the factory recommended temp.

Replace the Thermostat >10 dollars

I have a 1993 gmc safari and after getting my fuel pump installed. Something is draining the battery. What could be drainin the battery?

The water pump on a GMC Safari van is located on the front of the engine, below the alternator. It uses a drive belt attached to the crankshaft to circulate water throughout the engine and radiator.

advanced auto parts web site has the diagrams for the firring order for GMC Safari vans. firring order is 1,6,5,4,3,2

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Three. Two you can remove from the front and one behind the alternator. You will probably need to remove the dog house to access the rear bolt.

You replace the bulb the same as a 1998, which is answered further down the page.

driver side next to parking brake under black cover

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replace the alternator if your system isn't charging.

The vacuum switches for the AC vents on a 1995 GMC Safari all-wheel drive van are located underneath the dashboard. The vacuum lines are also located underneath the dashboard.

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where is the fuel pressure regulator on a 1999 GMC SAFARI? thank you

The General Motors Company Safari Van was made from 1985 to 2005. The GMC Safari shared its platform with its sibling the GMC Astro van, which was very similar.

The regulator is located inside the alternator. You will either have to get another alternator, or call around to find a shop that repairs them.

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