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How do you replace the alternator on a 1989 Ford Probe 4 cylinder?


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To remove it from the car, if you have a 2.0L engine, one must actually remove the front exhaust pipe.

With a 2.2L engine one must remove the right halfshaft between the wheel and the transmission. This is a very involved procedure and the one in all the service manuals. If you want to save yourself some labor, remove the driver's side wheel, the bolt and sleeve on the sway bar that connects it to the lower A arm, and the castle nut holding the steering arm ball joint to the hub. Remove the lower splash guard. Pop the ball joint upward, separating the tie rod end from the hub, and swing the steering arm away. Unbolt and free the alternator from above. Lower it onto the half-shaft from above. From below, turn the alternator around and wiggle it through the opening in the wheel well. You will need to pull down on the sway bar at one point to get enough clearance. It WILL come out this way. Reverse the procedure to replace the alternator. Make sure you put the cotter pin back on the castle nut, and the castle nut is tight when you're done.

With a 3.0L engine one must remove the windshield washer reservoir, the power steering pump hoses and various support brackets.

Several hours are required for any of these procedures.


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