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How do you replace the alternator on a 1990 Honda CRX?


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2010-05-22 00:12:21
2010-05-22 00:12:21

FOR DP-FI SYSTEMS The easy eay is to unbolt the alternator and let it sit for a minute. Now literally give the Honda a hug... put your left arm down the left side of the intake and then underneath it. Now grab the alt. with your right hand. Wiggle the stupid thing around until it can be passed from right hand to left hand, under the intake and out the other side. This takes a lot of wiggling and turning, but it is possible. I just did it last week.

For MP-FI SYSTEMS This one is a little more cooperative. Unbolt the master cylinder from the brake booster and shove it over to the left. Alternator will now come straight up.

Have patience. This job is truly a pain in the taillight socket. I've got 2 CRX's and I had to do this 3 times already...

You could also drop the drivers side cv shaft and it will fall out.


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I just had my alternator replaced on my 1990 Honda Accord and the final bill was $315.

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To remove the alternator on 1988 Honda CRX the negative battery must first be disconnected. The belt needs to be loosen and the mounting bolts need to be removed as well. When unmounted the alternator will slide off, and a new unit can be replaced.

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84 CRX ??? help me here CRX went 88 to 91/92 then came Del Sol CRX???

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There is a video on youtube. Just enter the question into the youtube search and you should find it.

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