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How do you replace the alternator on a 1992 Geo Storm?


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................................................................................................................... {Removing the Alternator} on a 90 thru 93 Geo Storm 1.6 or 1.8 (with or without air conditioning.)

Detach the cable from the negative terminal of the battery. Remove the drive belt. Raise the vehicle and support it on jackstands. Remove the splash shield from the inner fender panel on the passengers side of the vehicle. Detach all wiring to the alternator. working under the vehicle remove the alternator lower mounting bolt. Working inside the engine compartment, remove the rear mounting bolt and the alternator brace (if equipped). Remove any wiring harness retaining clips and remove the alternator thru the opening created by the removal of the splash shield. Installation is the reverse of removal.

Good Luck! Toxic

TAke the neg battery cable off then the wires on the alternator. Then take off the belt and mounting bolts.

Is it the base model? Remove top hold down bolt and other bolt holding bracket onto alternator. Remove bottom mounting bolt (right next to the belt). Remove electrical connector. Installation is reverse.

NewIf it is anything like my 91' GSI, you're probably asking about the "tight fit" that the alternator seems to have. With a LOT of patience, the alternator is removed by two 14mm bolts below the main tension bolt (that bolt does not have enough room to be removed). After that, you may have to remove the right-side CV-axel to fully remove it. My personal experience wasn't bad because I had totally removed the air-conditioning system and hoses. The alternator can be removed top-side if this is done. -Jegoyet

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