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How do you replace the alternator on a 1994 Nissan Altima?


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** Take your car to a parts store and have them check the alternator to make sure it's malfunctioning. They should do this for free. If they will not or don't have the equipment - find a new parts store. Also have them check the "new" alternator before you purchase it. Just because it's new does not mean it works or that someone didn't short it out and then return it.

Replacement instructions:1. Disconnect the negative battery cable. This is for your safety and the safety of your car's electrical system.

2. Most people recommend taking off the upper radiator hose. However, it is possible to fit the alternator out under the hose past the front of the engine if you take the oil dipstick out. This is your choice.

3. Unplug large electrical connector on alternator

4. Remove nuts and single wires from alternator

5. Remove the three bolts that hold the alternator in place, one on the right side and two on the left.

6. Remove the belt from the front of the alternator - check for wear as it will be easier to replace this now than later.

7. Remove the alternator and place your new alternator.

8. Replace the belt.

9. Replace bolts - the bolt on the lower left adjusts the tension on the belt. Make sure this is tight.

10. Connect large and then single wires to alternator

11. Connect the upper radiator hose.

12. Connect the negative battery cable.

13. Check for proper operation.

14. If the belt squeals you need to turn the car off and tighten it by adjusting the bottom passenger side screw.


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