How do you replace the alternator on a 1994 Saturn SL2?

jack up the passenger side the car on the front wheel side of the car put a jack stand on that side for safety and take the jack out. now take off the front tire,then take off the plastic splash plate then take 9/16" box wrench on end of the tension pulley and release the tension on drive belt and take it off the alternator.there two bolts one on the bottom and the top the top bolt is the hardist to get out and back in I used a short piece of plastic tubing big enough to fit snug on the head of the bolt you can try it when you get the bolt good and loose coming out,oryour fingers ,but going back with the bolt the tubing works great. good luck i have changed three on my 1994 saturn.and do not FORGET TO DETACH THE CABLE FROM THE BATTERY .