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The tensioner pulley is toward the front of the car, best reached underneath (I had my car up on ramps when I did the replacement, which was a god idea) - I think it was a 13mm wrench used to move pulley toward the back of the car to loosen the serpentine belt.

I then slid the belt from around the alternator pulley so that the alternator could be removed.

the alternator comes out the top of the engine compartment, but to take it out I had to remove the coolant reservoir, and the wiper fluid container to have socket access to the three bolts that mount the alternator. One bolt is on top, the other two are underneath (looking at the new alternator is a good reference to see where the bottom two bolts are located).

There are also two electrical connectors and the nut-mounted positive cable that need to be removed prior to taking the alternator out.

There is not much room to get the old alternator out, but you will find one position in which the alternator can be removed - keep notice if this, as the new one has to go in the same way as the old one came out.

I did it myself - it wasn't too bad, but having a second person around to move the tensioner pulley while I work the belt would have made life easier.

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Q: How do you replace the alternator on a 1998 Ford Escort ZX2?
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