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How do you replace the alternator on a 1998 Mitsubishi Montero Sport?


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I hope that i can be of help. I had to replace my alternator. First remove the positive and the negative cables from battery. Take time to look at manner inwhich the belt is woven around the alternator and the pulley, it will have to go back on the same way. Remove the air intake nozzle by removing the 2-10mm bolts on the radiator support. Remove the electrical plug from the back of the alternator. squeeze white clip down with small flat bladed screwdriver and then squeeze the dark gray clip, I found it easier to remove after the belt and bolts were removed. There are two bolts that are holding on the alternator. The top one is a 14mm and the bottom one is a 12mm. The belt tensioner is located between the alternator and the crank pulley. You need to jack up the front of the vehicle and remove the splash pan (4-14mm bolts). Look up and you will see a hex headed bolt on the bottom of the tensioner pulley. Again, 14mm, a little awkward, but a socket and extentsion will clear the lines. Back off generously and you will have enough slack to remove the belt. When replacing, put the top bolt first, then the bottom. Belt back on, double check for alignment, and then go underneath and tighten the bolt to the tensioner until snug, not too tight. The other two belts on this engine all remove and tighten with the same proces. Once you have the correct tension reattach battery cables.


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