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How do you replace the alternator on a 2000 Toyota Corolla?


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Not easy on some of these cars because of limited working space.Bu t remove the neg bat cable then the wires from the alt then the bolts holding it on.

ok real good answer,not.thats the most basic answer i have ever seen.come on,there are 2 main bolts to on top one at the bottom facing the same way as the top one.there are 2 wire sets to remove,one will need a socket and the other is a remove the belt there is a tension bar.the bar is almost an L shape with two connected pieces,to the left are two small bolts,leave them alone.look at the biggest bolt in the middle that holds the bar on,right above that is the bolt you will need to crank clockwise to loosen the belt.mine was broken off so i just stuck a torqe bar in there and cranked it twords the front of the car until the belt was loose enough.then just reverse everything to put back on.


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I've been looking into this same question, myself, and so far... the taillight assemblies I've seen for a 2000 corolla look nothing like the one for my 2000 prizm. Sorry, and good luck!

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2000 VE base models do not come with a factory installed tachometer.

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