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I beg you, take it to a mechanic. Me and me friends tryed this, we took off the radiator, horn, hood latch, oil cooler, fans, and A/C compressor, and discovered there is no detentioner, I finally gave up and took it to the mechanic. It took a week, and I wished i just had a mechanic do it in the first place. -- no need to remove the radiator, horn, hood latch, oil cooler, fans, and A/C compressor. What is causing most of the confusion is the lack of a quality service manual for this car. to remove the altenator. You remove the front pass. tire, and the plastic cover that protects the main pulley. (10mm bolts) put the front tire under the car to protect yourself.** I didn't remove the tire, I just turned the wheel outward so I could fit in there. If I had to do over, I would've removed the tire.

Right behind and above the oil filter is the tensioner pulley and bolt (14 mm). loosen that bolt quite a bit. (about an inch) and rotate the tensioner hub and it'll loosen right up. ** this bolt is well hidden. You need to find the tensioner hub, then slide your hand under and a little behind it and you'll find the tensioner bolt. Or use a mirror to find it. It is literally right behind that tensioner hub with the head of the bolt pointed towards the ground. Once you loosen this you'll be in great shape. (Note: this is only accessible through the wheel well, not from above.

remove the engine cover. 6 10mm bolts. (replace the oil fill cap) pull the left side fan. (two 10mm bolts) and a plug. unplug the alternator, and undo the main cable. (10mm nut) remove the bolt that connects the bracket to the engine, just loosen the other bolt so it'll swing up. (I think these are 12mm bolts).

loosen the nuts on the alternator. remove the bolts (have fun trying to get the rear bolt, you can just tap it and it'll fly out. 12m. ** reinstallation of this part was the most time consuming and irritating. Fitting your hand behind the alternator and lining everything up is terrible. Just have patience, you'll get it done. Afterall, you got it apart, right?

remove the alternator ,pry gentle back and forth and up and down until it separates from the front mount. remove the front bracket (two 12mm bolts) Then gentle coax the alternator up and out. you'll have to rotate and twist it, it'll scrap against the radiator a little. It was not my first time working on this car, and I'd say it was challenging. took me about 2 hours total. some of that was finding the right socket or wrench-rachet and determining if I should be on my back or over the hood. Second contributor on 5/8/09: Instructions were very good. I would say that putting on the bottom bolt is a 2 person job. Also, new alternator paperwork said it had a different pulley diameter and to get a 47" belt. However, a new 48" belt did work.

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Q: How do you replace the alternator on a 2001 Hyundai XG300?
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