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The first thing you have to check is the kind of alternator that your truck needs. You must check this out with care because there are different models for different years. Then you start by disconnecting the negative battery cable with a wrench, preferably a socket wrench. You have to remove the radiator support where it is attached to the car frame seal. Detach the radiator fan shroud and the "V" bank shield on the same side. Then you disconnect the electric wiring harness from the alternator, after that you loosen the nut on the alternator terminal in order to disconnect the positive battery cable. The alternator belt comes off at this stage and so does the alternator itself. Then you install the new alternator in a reverse process from that described above. Tighten the main bolts that hold the alternator in place using a torque wrench with 32 foot-pounds force. In case you don't have a torque wrench make sure it is properly fastened and won't budge. Connect the negative battery cable last. After installation, check for abnormal noises and make sure the alternator belt is not too tight, i.e. it should give a little when pressure is put on it from the side, such as half a centimeter. Tighten the belt in case there is slipping or whining noise from a belt that is too lose.

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Q: How do you replace the alternator on a Toyota Tacoma?
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