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If the motor is working correctly, you may be able to simply replace the mast. Pull up on the mast while turning on the radio, and keep pulling when the mast has reached it's uppermost point. You may need to disconnect and reconnect the power connector a few times. The mast should come out, along with a toothed, flexible plastic cable. Replace with new one in reverse.

If the motor is not working you may need to replace the whole thing. Cheap aftermarket ones work OK, but don't look quite as good as OEM.

At the very top of the chrome ball is a nut. Using either the special wrench or groove-joint pliers with sharp teeth, loosen the nut.

In the 1994 Honda Accord, a ring-like nut attaches the antenna to the outside of the car body. If the nut's hard to losen, grab the antenna body inside the trunk (see below), and pull it straight up while turning the nut.

Remove the panel in the trunk to access the motor unit and the couple of mounting screws there.

Replace old unit with new one, paying attention to wiring and placement of the drain tube.

If the EX has a rear deck spoiler (wing), you will need to pay more attention to the wiring. When the deck is released, a switch interupts the 'up' signal to the antenna motor, making it go down before you bend your brand-new antenna mast on the spoiler!

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Q: How do you replace the antenna on a '91 Honda Accord EX 4dr sedan?
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