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pull them off and put new ones on...problem solved


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You can find a full illustration diagram for a 93 Ford F150 automatic locking hub in the truck's owner's manual. You can also find it at various auto stores.

if it does not lock in while going forward then try backing up a few feet....It is a

the transmission that is in a 1996 f150 is a 4r70w if automatic

How do you remove and replace the battery on a 2001 Ford F150?

A 2010 Ford F150 pick-up uses automatic transmission fluid.

how to replace an oil pan that goes to a ford f150 1993? how much does the pan cost,and can you show a picture of it?

automatic hubs never trully lock in the simple turning force of the drive axle locks or splines a series of "locking" dowles or teeth together usually they break very easy and ther replacement kits offerd by warn are comparable to oem

How do you replace the tail gate latch on a Ford f150

remove wheels.remove brake calipers, remove 4x4 locking hub.with special socket remove axle locking nut. brake rotor will the slide off enabling you to change bearings

how do you replace a Ford F150 rear axle seal

how to install alternator2001ford f150

take the bolts out, if your asking that question its probably to difficult for you

how to replace oil pan gasket on 2007 f150 5.4 trition

Motorcraft MERCON automatic transmission fluid

With the automatic transmission, aprox 4,650 lbs.

If it is an automatic the best thing to use is Chrysler automatic trans fluidAnswerMost 1998 Ford F150s take Mercon V Transmission fluid

multifunction switch in the steering column

look for a filler tube coming from the transmission on the passenger side

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