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Changing battery for VW BeetleIt is much simplier than it looks. This is because there are a bunch of wires sitting on top of the battery. But they all fall out of the way when you locate the front clip on the battery housing. The clip is part of the plastic housing and is locted on the front top edge right in the middle. Just push it and lift the plastic housing lid.

When the lid comes up it will be one big piece and all the wiring housing will go back with the plastic top. Look inside and there the battery is. Follow standard procedures for taking off the cabels, lift it out drop new one in, reconnect cabels and snap lid back into place.

AnswerJust like any other car. Just buy a new battery and remove old batter, then install new battery. You may have to reset your radio pre-programed stations and clock. But all else will work jut fine.

It IS NOT as simple as it looks! I recently changed out my battery in my 2001 Turbo VW Beetle & now the radio is stuck on the default station 89.3 and will only turn on & off!! No changing the station, no controlling the volume! I do not have an owners manual(the car was bought used) so now my radio will not work! The only option left is to find the code or take the car to a VW dealer almost 75 miles away!! This could have all been prevented by getting a setting saver from my local auto plugs into your cigarette lighter & only cost $5. No telling what it will cost to replace the radio! Also, I have a iPod that usually played through the cig. lighter with the help of an FM tuner, it no longer works. I bought a cassette to see if it would even come on but it doesnt! I seriously recommend taking the car to a dealer to have your battery changed out or at least getting a setting saver, it will save you in the end.

Another solution is to remove the radio fuse for at least 10 seconds, then reinstall it. This will reset the radio allowing it to proceed through its normal power-loss sequence (displays "SAFE" then "1000" at power on) as described in the manual. Then enter your security code and all is well. The hardest part is finding the radio fuse. One my 2000 New Beetle it is a 25 AMP fuse in the fuse box on the drivers side where the door connects to the dash. It is fuse # 42 (or the only 25Amp fuse on the 3rd row up from the bottom.

Best thing to do is:

Buy a VW New Beetle Haynes Repair Manual, follow instructions on appropriate pages, invest in a telescoping magnet in case you drop a part. Following directions it took me little over an hour to do it myself. No problems with the radio, but as a safeguard I went hunting for the radio reset code in case the radio went into SAFE mode and froze up. I found it inside the spare tire compartment on the left side on a white sticker just below the car's VIN number stickers was a small white sticker also with VIN number and the reset code. Im no mechanic and never worked on this car before, but the directions on the web were either too simple or too complicated. Keys to getting battery out is: 1. the Power Steering reservoir that has to be moved after taking it's sole retaining bolt out then moving it several inches to the left (NO NEED TO REMOVE HOSES) that will make room to slide battery to left. 2. Removing Hold down clamp on bottom front of battery. Everything else is just like any other battery removal. Seriously though by the manual. It even has pictures and step by step directions.

I just changed my battery in a 2001 Beetle. Since the battery is tucked under the right fender you cannot lift straight up once you have disconnected it as outlined above. What I did is not hard and requires one adjustable wrench. First remove plastic engine cover. Remove one screw and pull up. It has two snaps that click on pins mounted on engine. (you cannot see them they are under cover). Between the cover and the battery there is a reservoir tank on a bracket. Remove bracket nut. You do not have to disconnect tank. Once the bracket is unbolted the hose will have enough play to move to the side allowing enough room to slide battery toward engine and lift straight out. Hook up new battery and reverse steps and you are good to go.

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Q: How do you replace the battery in a 2001 VW Beetle?
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