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How do you replace the brake light on a 1994 Jeep Cherokee?


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I'm assuming the answer to this question will be the same answer to the "How do you replace a rear brake light bulb on a 2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited Edition?" question. The following is what was posted:

Rear: Brake, Back-up, Tail, Turn signal (3 bulbs, all # 3157)

To access the rear bulbs, open the liftgate and remove the two Phillips head screws from the side of the housing as shown in the center photo above. Slowly and firmly rotate the assembly away from the vehicle until it disengages from the ball pin socket that secures it in back.

Each of the three light sockets, all containing the same exact bulb type, can be removed by turning them counter-clockwise 1/4 turn.

Taillight harness connector

To remove the taillight harness, slide the red lock tab up and pull connector off.Well, I guess people should not make those sort of assumptions - the 1994 Jeep Cherokee was still one of the old-style box shaped Cherokees, nothing like a 2001 model at all, and it has much more old-fashioned lights.Actually, changing the tail lamps is a real pain. I know, I spent about 2 hours this morning replacing a broken driver's side fitting on my 1993 Cherokee. Open the trunk. The light fitting is held on by 3 obvious bolts. You'll need a socket set to shift them (I think I used a 3/32" bit). The fun begins because there is also a 4th bolt, hidden behind the lower bumper. You have to disassemble the end of the bumper to get at this (take off the plastic end cover that is attached to the metal bumper bar.) This itself is held on by 3 bolts. Hmm... undoing metal bolts that had been in place since 1993 (most likely), exposed to all weathers. That was fun (not). My hands are sore.Once you have taken out the four bolts that hold the big boxy plastic light fitting in place, it should fall forward from the car easily. To replace the bulbs, gently turn the metal holders 1/3 of a turn clockwise. They should retract back through the plastic fitting, allowing you to unnscrew the old bulb, and replace it.Good luck!


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