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ok, start by getting some jack stands and jack. you will need a socket set and some anti-sieze. lossen the bolts on wheels then jack it up, use support stands. second pry wheels of, you may need a braker bar if the are rusted on the hub. next you will need a good C, clamp ( steel clamp please) un-du the the two caliper bolts, bolted to the hub assembly. slide the caliper of the rotor, inspect for damage to rotor. when finished remove brake pads and all shims and clips from caliper. replace with new pads, make sure clips are installed correctly ( due one at time to use the other as reference for clip orientation. apply anti-sieze to backing plate and caliper bolts. attach caliper, apply more anti-sieze to hub for easy removal next time. and you should be done

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Q: How do you replace the brake shoes of a 1997 Toyota Tercel?
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