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It is hard to explain without visual aids (pictures). Also, there is more to it than just replacing, they also have to be adjusted. I recommend you get a Haynes Repair Manual for Ford Ranger Pickups 1993 - 2005. You will find all info and pictures there with step by step instructions. They cost about $14.00 but are well worth it. Or, you could check at your local library to see if there is one available there. Good luck.

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Can slotted or drilled rotors be machined in a brake lathe

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Q: How do you replace the brake shoes on a 1997 Ford Ranger?
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What are the brake rotors minimum thickness on a 1997 Buick Century? Thanking you in advance.

Bleeder valve for a 1997 Ford Ranger where is the bleeder valve for a 1997 Ford Ranger located?

The bleeder valve for the brakes on a 1997 Ford Ranger is located in the brake line where it meets the brake disc. The wheel will have to be removed to access the bleeder screw for drum brakes.

Are 2wd and 4wd front brake rotors interchangeable on 1997 ranger 4L V6 XLT?

are 2wd and 4wd front brake rotors interchangeable on 1997 ranger 4L V6 XLT

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Remove wheel Remove brake drum Loosen and remove brake line Remove mounting bolts Pry wheel cylinder off brake shoes Install new cylinder Replace brake lines Replace brake drum Bleed affected brake line

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What size brake shoes fit a 1997 Ford Ranger?

Any auto parts store can provide you with the correct size. ANSWER You could have either 9 inch or 10 inch drums

Where is the PCV valve on 1997 4L Ford Ranger?

its in the valve cover by the brake booster

How do you change the front brake pads on a 1997 ford ranger?

Take off tire first

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Take it to a repair shop.

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Should be on the upper end of brake pedal

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replace front brake discs and pads.

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The brake lights are located in the trunk of a 1997 Acura Integra. To replace them open the trunk and find the plastic housing. Remove and replace the bulbs.

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