How do you replace the bulb in the brake light on the tail gate door of a Lexus 2002 RX300?

Greetings: To replace the bulb. With the tailgate in the open position. Access the light assembly by firmly pulling the upper trim piece straight down. The trim piece covers the light assembly a is held in place by six clips. If a clip or two falls out on removal replace it/them as needed in the trim piece for later re-installation. You will see the light assembly clips at the bottom gently press in on the

clips and pull the light assembly out. you now have access to the light socket. remove the socket, replace the bulb, test brake light, re-install socket, re-install the light assembly. make sure wires do not block anchor points for the upper trim piece. Check position and alignment of the six trim piece clips and anchor points. Snap trim piece into place.