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Open the hood. Remove at least the right (left looking from bumper) windshield wiper while in parked position. Then remove plastic clips that hold plastic cowl cover in place. The plastic clips are removed by pressing down on the center with a pointed object like the edge of a screw driver. This detents the locking part of the clip and allows its removal. The filter is on the left rear side when looking from the front to the back of the engine compartment. Lift up on the plastic cowl on the left hand side and you will have access to the filter. To see pictures of this, go to: since the S type front clip is nearly the same as the Thunderbird. The filter has two clips, one on the left front side and one on the right side. Release clips (look at the new filter to see how they work), pull out and then replace with new filter. Reinstall cowl, wiper and then the clips. The clips are reset for use by pushing the locking pin back up above the top surface, and then pushing back down to flush after installed. Make sure the cowl rubber lips fit under the window as they did originally.

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Q: How do you replace the cabin air filter in a 2003 Thunderbird?
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