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You have to remove the windshield wiper arms, then take off the plastic molding that lies between your windshield. Once that is off (it comes out in two pieces) on the passenger side of the car, under the windshield just behind the firewall there is a plastic rain shield with two screws. Remove the rain shield. The cabin filter is under that rain shield. FYI...every bolt is metric, and be careful when removing the plastic molding-only turn those screws a half turn, they break very easily!

I replace mine with out removing wipers. The upper plastic panel directly below the arms can be disconnected from the lower panel by removing some push on sheet-metal retainers. The wiper panel can be lifted enough to remove and replace the cabin filter. PS, nothing is required on driver side, only the passenger side.

The illustrated steps to replacing the cabin air filter are

included in the Owners Manual.

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Open the hood and look at the passenger side near the firewall. Remove the black plastic piece near the windshield. It has a few clips that can be pried off with a flat screw driver. Remove the two Phillips screws and pull out the second plastic shield. The air filter is triangular in shape and fits into a space in the corner. Replace the filter and then put the two shields back on.

The filter is located under the hood, just in front of the windshield on the passenger side under the cowl grille. The steps you would follow are:

1- Open the hood. The filter section is on the passenger side.

2- I removed 3 push-on- clamps to open the grille. I found it was filled with trash. Clean out debris.

3- Unsnapped (the best I can describe it) a part that held the filter down and then remove and relpace the filter.

5- Then put everything back together.

It's located under the cowling on the passenger side. Remove the screws holding the plastic cowling in place and then replace the filter.

This filter is to be found on the passenger side outside the passenger compartment. With the hood closed, remove a few plastic screws holding the passenger-side half of the cowling (between the hood and the windshield). Now open the hood and remove a few metal clips holding this same passenger-side half of the cowling. This cowling will now come off.

Now you need to remove two small bolts holding another plastic part that is blocking access to the filter.

It took me 15 minutes to replace the cabin filter.

If it has one it should be in the right hand cowl.under hood up near windshield usually there is an identifing sticker , remove a screw & plastic piece of cowl & filter is inside. It can be blown out or replaced.

It is underneath the black plastic pieces under/below the wipers. There are just a few round fasteners that hold down the passenger side piece that need to be removed to access the filter.

Accessing & changing the cabin filter is well detailed and illustrated in the Owners Manual - See "Related Questions" below for more

Ive looked in the 1997 Taurus manual from cover to cover there is no guide to replacing this filter

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Q: How do you replace the cabin air filter on a Taurus - Sable?
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