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Buy a Fram air filter CF-8603. Follow the step by step directions on the back of the box. This is not difficult and the box directions actually work!! (the directions could be clearer, but they work). I just did it, not hard.

Just a few details that might make it easier to understand. First, the air filters (2) are located behind the glove box. As to how to access the filters, the above will work, or you can view a PDF at (Purolator Filter page) and click through cabin air filter, and part no. C15390. Be patient, you will have to remove the glove box and the panel below it, so allow yourself 30-45 minutes. Of serious note, when I removed mine, they were totaly should definitely consider changing them if you have read this far.

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โˆ™ 2015-07-15 20:45:58
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Q: How do you replace the cabin filter on a 2000 Accord?
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