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Many carrier bearing assemblies must be pressed off and on the shaft. Sometimes it's best to take the entire driveshaft off the vehicle and have a driveline specialist shop replace all of the u-joints and the carrier bearing at the same time. For that matter, they don't usually charge much to remove and replace the driveshaft so it's often not worth the trouble to do it yourself.

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How do you replace front wheel hub bearing assembly on 2000 dodge Dakota quid cab?

how do i find out if i have ABS on my front wheel bearing , on my 2000 dodge Dakota quad cab 2 wheel drive

How do you replace the cabin air filter on a dodge Dakota 2003?

A 2003 Dodge Dakota does not have a cabin filter.

Can you reuse front wheel bearing nuts on a 97 dodge Dakota?


How do you replace the AC evaporator on a 1994 Dodge Dakota?

What all is involved in replacing a a/c evaporator in a '94 Dodge Dakota?

How do you replace a transmission solenoid on a 2001 Dodge Dakota 4 7 engine 4X4?

How do you replace a transmission solenoid on a 2001 dodge Dakota 4.7 engine 4x4 location?

How do you remove the piolot bearing from a 95 dodge Dakota?

yes you can replace the bearing...but by the time you drop the transmission to get to the bearing, you are better off replacing the clutch, pressure plate and throw out bearing!! so you can avoid taking everything else out later.......because if the bearing is going bad then the clutch and pressure plate probably not far behind!!

Your clutch assembly on air compressor 1997 dodge Dakota is making howling noise?

bearing is shot

How do you repack front bearings on a 2002 rear wheel drive dodge Dakota?

They are a sealed bearing and are not "packable".

Can you replace clutch bearing in the air conditioner of a 82 dodge ramcharger?

yes you can

How much does it cost to replace a serpentine belt on a dodge Dakota?

It typically costs between $100 and $150 to replace the serpentine belt on a Dodge Dakota. The belt costs around $30 with the rest being labor.

How do you clean the fuel filter on a Dodge Dakota?

You don't, you replace it if restricted.You don't, you replace it if restricted.

How do you replace an oil pump on a 2002 Dodge Dakota V6 2wd?


How do you replace a ecm for a 2000 dodge Dakota?

its three screws. and threw plugs

How do you replace front wheel bearing assembly on dodge stratus?

The front bearing for a Dodge Stratus is attached to the Hub. To replace it remove all the components on the hub assembly. There are three bolts that hold the assembly in place. Loosen the bolts and pry out the hub. Replace the unit.

What would cause the humming and grinding in my left front wheel on my 2002 dodge Dakota 4x4?

Wheel bearing?

What is the wheel bearing nut size on a 1997 dodge Dakota with two wheel drive?

1 1/2

How do you replace the water pump on a 1999 Dodge Dakota V8?

go to a mechanic lol

Why would the right front tire be smoking on a dodge Dakota?

locked-up wheel bearing or one that is about to lock-up.

1992 dodge Dakota interchangable with a 1994 dodge Dakota?

yea i bought a 1992 dodge Dakota back a couple years ago from a guy that had ran into a tree i had to replace the front end and all the parts i got ranged from 1991 to 1995 so hope this helps you out

When was Dodge Dakota created?

Dodge Dakota was created in 1986.

When did Dodge stop making the Dakota?

The Dodge Dakota was in the Dodge car brand until 2009, and was sold as the RAM Dakota until 2012.

Can the fuel gauge on a 2001 Dodge Dakota be adjusted?

You can`t. You must replace sender or guage.

What is the labor cost to replace your power steering pump on a 1997 dodge Dakota?

around 111.75

What would cause a 1998 dodge dakota to produce a humming noise coming from the left front tire?

Check the wheel bearing.

How do you replace driver side window on a 1989 dodge quad cab?

i didnt know dodge made Dakota quad cabs in 89

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