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the light is an integrated part with the trim piece and must be ordered as such its operated by a ballast that can go bad and cant be tested if theres power to the ballast then you need the trim piece this all is according to another answer found on this site


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You back into a pole. Then the hatch pops open

First of all, it's not a "bulb" but a florescent tube and ballast assembly. To remove and replace, you must first remove the plastic covering on the inside of the rear hatch. Then it's just a matter of removing the 0ld and putting in the new.

Open the entire back hatch, and unscrew casing, and replace bulb. Now redo what you've undone.

You can open the back hatch on a ford explorer by either accessing a switch located in the front console of the car or by finding a switch located between two of the backseat cusions.

If it is like a 95 or 96, you raise the rear hatch and right above the drivers side taillight assembly, there is a filler flap.

Pull panel off the back hatch, there are a couple of screws that hold the wiper on as well as power and maybe a ground wire. Rear wipers have gone out in every explorer I've owned eventually took mine off and bondo'd it.

The light switch is located above the hatch door ceiling.

5 quarts ( 4.7 liters ) WITH FILTER CHANGE - it will show above the cross hatch area on the dipstick when first changed but that's OK , that's what my 1995 Ford Explorer XLT has done for over 13 years

Open The Rear Hatch, pull off the taillight lens, locate the bulb, Push the bulb in and turn at the same time. It Should Come out.

How to replace a brake light on a nissan Tiida hatch back.

I have to pull a fuse to get mine to work and then replace it. It only works once, so every time I want in the hatch, I have to open the hood, open the fuse box, remove and then replace the fuse. I can then open the hatch once.

I have a 96 Chevy Blazer S-10 and the latch to open the window in the back hatch will not work. How do I replace the motor?? or whatever to repair?

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A mechanical problem is causing your Ford Explorer not to lock with the bottom when your start the car.

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You will probably find it is a mercury switch in the wiring bundle.

It is called a Rear dome light or Cargo Light(on the inside ) the one on the outside is the center or "Third" Brake light It is called a Rear dome light or Cargo Light(on the inside ) the one on the outside is the center or "Third" Brake light

Open hatch and remove strap and handle. Remove rear panel attached to hatch by popping off of hatch. Be careful because the clips are not strong. Use bulb 921 @ 18W.

There should be a small axcess door in the left side of the rear hatch.

On a 1989 Acura Integra hatch back the brake lights are reached through the hatch itself. The brake lights housing are on the rear of the vehicle. Unplug the bulbs and replace them.

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Open the rear hatch of your van. There are two black button like protrusions behind the hatch next to the turn signal lamp. Pry these out and remove lens. Replace bulb.

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