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Big job. You can either remove the transmission and engine, or just the transmission. If one or the other, you must remove the brakes, punch out the axles, and remove, and then start to unbolt the trans. Make sure to take off the fly wheel and have it turned, and put in a new bearing with the new clutch and pressure plate. Yes it is a big job, that's why the garage can charge up to $ 1000.

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Q: How do you replace the clutch in a 1989 Ford Tempo?
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To change the clutch of a 94 Tempo, one needs to make use of Ford Tempo clutch kit. This kits is available at Auto Parts Warehouse.

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5th gear manual overdrive transmition. i want to replace clutch. recently replaced but brakes were locking and caused clutch to burn out.

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Have to remove the transmission.

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This is a big job. You have to take out the transmission. If it is 4 wheel drive it is an even bigger job. The clutch is between the engine and transmission.

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with an electric fuel pump.

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According to one of Fords websites : For the 2.3 liter four cylinder engine in a 1989 Ford Tempo : ( the spark plugs are gapped at .054 inch )

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It will cost approximately $450 to replace the clutch in your 1997 Ford Escort. The clutch will cost approximately $200 and require four hours of labor to install.

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Yes, a 1989 Ford Escort does have an adjustable clutch. This vehicle came with either a manual or an automatic transmission and power windows, brakes, and steering.

Where is the fuel relay sensor in a 1989 Ford Tempo?

It is under the driver's seat.

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Fuel injected? In the fuel tank

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