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Steps to replacing the instrument cluster/dashboard lights on a 1993 Ford Escort

1. Remove the plastic cover underneath the steering wheel. 2. Now remove the 4 large bolts that you see. This will drop the entire steering wheel down onto the front seat. 3. Remove the driver's side of the dash (goes from the center console vents over to the driver's side door and up and around the instrument cluster) 4. Disconnect any excessories as you pull the dash (e.g. rear defrost, power mirrors) 5. The instrument cluster will now be in view. On the top of the instrument cluster but farther back in, there are 3 little golden star-tipped screws. Use a magnetic-tipped screwdriver to remove them or else you could lose the screws. Note: these 3 screws are not the first ones you see; they're actually back in an inch or two. 6. The clear plastic cover will now come off. You will now see the gauges with nothing between you and them. Grab the gauges individually (e.g. tachometer, fuel gauge, etc.; they're just connected with prongs, not a bunch of wires). You don't need to pull the speedometer because you can access the bulbs from the tach and fuel gauge. 7. Once the gauges are pulled, the bulbs should be in plain sight. Replace them. 8. Do all of these steps in reverse order to put it all back together.

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Q: How do you replace the dashboard light blubs in a 1993 Ford Escort?
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