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How do you replace the door hinge pins and bushings in a 1997 Chevy Silverado?


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Re: doors sag,play in hinges [Re: gmussell] #1387132 - Thu Feb 10 2005 07:27 AM Edit post Edit Reply to this post Reply Reply to this post Quote Quick Reply Quick Reply

Your '93 would be an IFS truck so it goes on the other half of the GM Forums. However......I've done hinge pins and bushings on a '76 K1500, '83 K2500, '86 C2500, & recently a '94 Suburban. Do you happen to have access to a shop hoist or one of those rolling little cherry picker-like cranes? IF you do, GREAT, my dad and just pioneered an easy way to to do this task. What we did on the Suburban (which will probable be closest to your truck) was roll the window down, wrap a towel around the upper part of the door and gently lift it with the crane. Just enough that it takes the slack out of the saggin door. This is all done with the door open to it's fullest. After you take the side load off the hinges you can pop the keepers off the pins and drive the pins out with a punch. PAY ATTENTION to which direction the pins go as well as the bushings. Our hinge pins and bushings kit came with new keepers but the OEM ones were more robust, so we reused them. Now with the pins out you can roll the door (assuming it's on the crane) away from the rig.

(If you've got power windows/power door locks, post again, I'll tell you how to get some slack out of the wires.)

Okay, now you can pop the bushings out and take a iwre brush of ssomething to the hinge surfaces and clean them up if you want. Ours had a few years of WD-40 and dirt build-up on them. After that you just pretty much reverse the process. Tap the new bushings in with a hammer, top and bottom, bring the door up close and start the pins. After you've got the pins lined up, don't be afraid to whack those, you'll need to. Install the keepers, almost done.

The door spring on our Suburban is a coil spring, if your's is, I'm sorry. That thing is a PITA to get back in place. It takes a cople medium sized prybars and some coaxing. It is an incredibly stiff spring for a door, but those doors are pretty heavy.

If you don't have access to the crane I mentioned, a floor jack placed under the door with a 2x4 and towel will acheive the same thing. You will need a second person though to hold the door upright.

Did I leave anything out?

1983 GMC High Sierra K2500 1999 Chevrolet Tahoe K1500

follow up: Re: doors sag,play in hinges [Re: 83GMCK2500] #1402996 - Wed Mar 30 2005 10:41 AM Edit post Edit Reply to this post Reply Reply to this post Quote Quick Reply Quick Reply

thanks a bunch,

I put in the new pins and bushings last week. They went in with non problem. About $12 at Carquest. We had no luck with the spings, so I ordered a gm door sping compressor:

With this it only took about 10 min to to both doors.

thanks for everything george

Hey guys I worked my butt off on one of those springs and just as I was about to give up and leave it off, I came up with the brilliant idea of compressing the spring with a pair of pipe pliers in one hand and tying a couple of small guage wires around it like the spring compressers for a Suspension Coil spring. I then released the pipe plires and Viola' compressed spring. I stuck it back into place in the door held it with plires so when it unsprung it wouldn't get one of my fingers then reached in with the other hand and cut the wires with a small pair of wire cutters. Bam! Sprang back into position. just fished the wires back out of the spring and "Bob's you uncle" Eh? John


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Replace the hinge pins and bushings.

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i used to work for a Chevy dealer....if you already put new hinge pins and bushings in you now have to replace hinges that have to be welded in

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I would recommend you replace the entire hinge and forget about repairing it. In my experience this is the best route to take.

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Have to remove the door, then remove pins and bushings

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Most problems with an automobile door hinge is worn out bushings. There is a small rubber bushing behind the adjustment bolts. Replace the bushings.

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