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How do you replace the door latch for a 1997 Mercury Mystique with power locks?


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2015-07-15 19:55:49
2015-07-15 19:55:49

1 disconnect (-) battery cable

2 remove door panel

3 remove speaker

4 unplug 'door open' warning switch

5 disconnect pigtail electrical connector for outside door lock illumination light (if u have that)

6 remove 2 retaining nuts for outside door handle and trim... lower the outside trim from door

7 unplug power door lock plunger and door handle illumination connector

8 remove 2 screws that hold the front door latch control and link to door

9 remove the three screws that hold the latch (on outside, around the v shaped cutout for pillar pin)

10 latch should come out by moving it forward and rotating the whole assembly out of the door



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On your 1997 Mercury Mountaineer : Open the rear doors from the outside and on the end of the doors near the latch you will see a small lever that is used to select child locks on or off

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Power door locks have relays located inside the cabin fuse box. Locate the relays for the door switch and see if they need replacing. If so replace the units.

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Yes it can, very easy to do, have to order a new latch from the dealer, just tell them it's the latch that locks the top down, and which side it's on. Hope this helps.

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Usually you can find the switch on the doors themselves. Open the door and look on the part near the latch. Sometimes, there is a switch by the driver if the car has power locks.

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There is no latch. The fuel door locks/unlocks with the doors.

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