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1 disconnect (-) battery cable

2 remove door panel

3 remove speaker

4 unplug 'door open' warning switch

5 disconnect pigtail electrical connector for outside door lock illumination light (if u have that)

6 remove 2 retaining nuts for outside door handle and trim... lower the outside trim from door

7 unplug power door lock plunger and door handle illumination connector

8 remove 2 screws that hold the front door latch control and link to door

9 remove the three screws that hold the latch (on outside, around the v shaped cutout for pillar pin)

10 latch should come out by moving it forward and rotating the whole assembly out of the door


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Q: How do you replace the door latch for a 1997 Mercury Mystique with power locks?
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Why do door locks make noise on 1998 Chrysler Sebring Conv LXI?

replace door latch

How do you engage disengage child safety locks on your 1997 mercury mountaineer?

On your 1997 Mercury Mountaineer : Open the rear doors from the outside and on the end of the doors near the latch you will see a small lever that is used to select child locks on or off

My power doorlocks don't work on 1999 mercury mystique how do you fix it?

Power door locks have relays located inside the cabin fuse box. Locate the relays for the door switch and see if they need replacing. If so replace the units.

Can you replace a broken latch that holds the convertible top down tight in the front by the windshield?

Yes it can, very easy to do, have to order a new latch from the dealer, just tell them it's the latch that locks the top down, and which side it's on. Hope this helps.

How do you turn off child safety door locks on a 1993 Mercury sable?

Usually you can find the switch on the doors themselves. Open the door and look on the part near the latch. Sometimes, there is a switch by the driver if the car has power locks.

Where is the gas tank latch on a 1990 Mercedes 300 SEL?

There is no latch. The fuel door locks/unlocks with the doors.

Where is the fuses for power-doorlocks on a 1999 mercury mystique?

Power door locks are generally protected by a circuit breaker. Look under the hood for the power distribution box. Also under the dash to the left of the steering column.

How do you disengage your backdoor locks on your 1997 exployer?

If you open each of the back doors from outside , there is a selector switch for the childproof locks on the end of each door about 3 inches from the latch

How do you disable-enable the power door locks on a 2002 mercury villager?

There is no way to do this. There are child-proof locks on the sliding doors.

A dead battery on a 98 mountaineer no power to the power door locks and cannot get to the hood latch release to open the hood to replace the battery is there any other way to get the hood open?

use the key to unlock door

What is the purpose of the mast latch and knob assembly on the TF-2 Flood light?

Locks the mast in the vertical position.

Where is the door switch on a mk3 vw golf?

If it has power door locks it's in the power door lock asm. It is activated when the latch moves to the locked position. Just removed mine to replace the switch so still on the bench.

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