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It isn't easy. It bolts on from the inside of the door. TAke the door panel off.

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Q: How do you replace the driver's side exterior door mechanism on a 1998 Ford E350 van?
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take it out

Where do you locate the door mechanism on the 1998 Mazda B4000 that regulates the cabin light?

It is in the door latch. You need to replace those switches. There are two in the drivers door and one in the passengers door. Take the door panels off and remove door latch and replace swithes.

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The antenna is located in the rear window defroster. There is no true exterior antenna.

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On a 1998 Holden VT Commodore Acclaim is it possible to replace or repair a broken door hinge on the drivers side?

Broken off the door or from main body? Main body- Prefabricate. Door- replace door.

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You have to lift the handle before you lock the door.

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