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Well first you need to take off the door panel, then there are two 10mm bolts that hold the handle on, remove those and diconect the bar for the lock and she should come out. -- HAH very funny, good one. You remove the door panel and it's impossible to reach the bolts. So now, thanks to your vague answer, my door panel is off and, as usual, won't go back on correctly. Maybe I don't have the proper tools...or long skinny alien arms that can reach into tiny dark spaces to the left.

I just replaced the front driver side door handle on my 96 Camry - here's my story:

1 - take the door panel off. it has a few screws and a couple of clips. the inside door handle trim needs to be removed as well - this is tricky, the latch for this trim is on the bottom left side, so be careful prying it out - i broke mine. disconnect the power cable to the windows/door switch panel. make sure the window is up.

2 - ok, here is where i saw the 3 10mm bolts that hold the door handle and panic set in. One is relatively easy to get to the other has a straight line thru the door's sheetmetal (there is a hole), but the third is way inside. after about 30 min struggling with getting a ratched in there i just proceeded to get to the 2 bolts i could and lo and behold the handle popped out. There are only the 2 bolst holding the handle to the door frame, the third bolt hold the lock to the door handle.

3 - pull the handle out (you may have to wiggle the handle a bit, place a rag between the handle and door to avoid scratches), unbolt the 3rd 10mm bolt. remove the rod attached to the door handle, i had to break the funny plastic clip that holds the rod to the door handle.

4 - bolt the 3rd bolt to the new handle. attach the rod to the handle thru the plastic clip - be extra careful here, you do not want to break this plastic clip - it will be hard to find. i used plier to gently push the rod thru the plastic hole and than swung the clip's clamp to latch onto the rod. push/wiggle the handle back in place. bolt the two 10mm bolts from inside the door.

5- connect the wiring harness to the windows/door switch. attach the panel back.

Took me a little more than an hour to do this, including the panic time.

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Q: How do you replace the driver's side outside door handle on a 1996 Toyota Camry?
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