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In short, alot of messing around. There's a single screw holding it on, take it out. Then the entire thing moves forward (Towards the engine) and that'll un-hook the little hooky things. That's the tough part, and may require you taking off the entire panel. Either way, it's not easy.


It is easy. (interior door handle) Remove the tiny plastic cover on the screw in the center of the bezel. Remove screw cover from pull handle, and remove the screw from inside it. Remove plastic rivet in upper front corner of panel. Remove black plastic panel that covers the door where the side mirror attaches. Pry this cover off carefully with a flat screwdriver. Then gently pry lower and rear edge of panel away from door. When every thing is loose, push the whole panel forward slightly to disengage the hooks on the handle from the metal structure of the door. Gently pry the handle toward the center of the car, use screwriver to unclip the plastic fastener that holds the metal rod to the handle. The handle should now tilt out. Use the screwdriver again to push in the little tab that holds the wire connector on for the power lock switch, if you have those.


Removing the door handle assembly on either the front drivers side door, or front passenger door on any 1990-93 Honda Accord LX, DX, SE, or EX is as simple as pouring a glass of milk. As long as your ginger with the plastic bezel when removing it from the door panel itself, you'll have it out in less then 3 minutes. As stated above, with a small flat head screw-driver pry open the plastic cover which covers the single Phillips screw holding the plastic bezel to the door itself. On some Hondas (including mine) the plastic cover no longer exsists! They fall off almost immediately after the first time you remove the door handle bezel for whatever reason. Once this cover is opened, giving you access to the Phillips screw, remove the Phillips screw. Using the chrome handle as leverage, push the plastic bezel towards the front of the car. The whole assembly will move approximately 1/2" to 3/4". This is so that the 3 plastic legs disengage themselves from the metal door skin of the panel. Once moved forward, gently pull on the handle assembly towards the center of the car. Pull slowly, and notice the metal bar which loops through the back of the handle, allowing you to open the door when inside the car. While holding onto the handle & plastic all together, gently use a pair of needle nose pliers, or flathead screwdriver, and turn the plastic clip which will allow you to free upwards, the 90 degree bent metal arm that is looped into the handle assembly. Once you have moved the plastic clip holding the metal arm in place, use your pliers or smaller flathead screwdriver and slide upwards the metal bar. You will now be able to pull the handle assembly completely out of the vehicle. guys!! Jeff Z.

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Q: How do you replace the driver door handle on a 2-door 1991 Honda Accord EX?
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