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How do you replace the drivers side mirror on a 1997 Toyota Camry?


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2011-01-31 19:59:19
2011-01-31 19:59:19
MirrorIf the '97 is similar to the '96 then this is how you would do it:

On the inside of the car where the mirror is attached to the door is a cover plate. Pop this off with a tape covered screwdriver (the tape protects the trim from being scratched).

If it is a power mirror, disconnect the wire connector and then the three (?) nuts that hold the mirror in place. Make sure you hold the mirror before removing the last nut or it will crash to the ground! Installation is just the reverse.

Mirror replacementI had to remove the interior door panel on the driver side of a 1996 Camry (to fix a door handle, not for a mirror, however). Not sure if you need to remove the door panel.

In addition to the advice at the above site, I found another trick to removing the trim around the inside door handle. The above article refers to putting a screwdriver UNDER the door handle and pushing down ... to release a "secret latch". That's the first step. The second step (which is not in the article) is to insert the scredriver ABOVE the door handle ... vertically above the spot shown in the article. Then gently press the screwdriver handle down. With the screwdriver acting as a lever, the tip of the screwdriver will push UP on the top part of the trim. That will lift the trim up off a small pin on the handle mechanism. With both the bottom and top of the trim piece now "unlatched", slide the trim toward the back of the car, while you open the inside door handle (as mentioned in the article). The trim will come right off. Be sure to slide the trim toward the back of the car, as you move the trim away from the door panel. (There is a "hooked" piece of plastic on the back of that trim that prevents you from just pulling it out perpendicular to the door panel.) 'Hope these fine points help.


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I haven't done this, but I think that plastic trim piece in the corner of the window pops out to expose the fasteners that hold the mirror housing. A body shop can tell you how to replace the mirror and/or motor.

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Remove the door panel and the mirror is held on with bolts.

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