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Open the door. Remove all the platic "pops" holding the door panel on starting with the ones on the controls. Remove the contol panel first and unplug it. Then by pulling up and out pull off the door panel. Remove the vapour barrier and the metal piece blocking the big hole in the door panel. The regulator and motor are one piece so you'll have to remove the window by loosening the screws attaching it to the regulator. Then remove the 3 bolts holding the motor and the few bolts holding the rest of the regulator track. Then Install a new (or used) regulator/motor combo and attach the window to it with the adjustment bolts. put back the metal "blocker" in the big hole. Then put back the vapour barrier. Then put back the door panel making sure that the wiring harness is accessible so you can connect the contols. Then put the contols back on and you're DONE!
Hint- if you forget where something goes you can just remove the panel on the other door and check where everything goes.

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Q: How do you replace the drivers window motor on a 2001 ford ZX2?
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