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disconnect the battery and then disconnect the wiring from the cooling fan. there are 4 screws( 8mm) that hold it on the radiator. be careful when removing it as not to damage the radiator. I found this information at, under the repair info

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โˆ™ 2015-07-15 21:23:28
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Q: How do you replace the engine cooling fans on a Ford Windstar?
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What fuse operates the radiator cooling fans 2003 ford windstar?

According to the 2003 Ford Windstar Owner Guide : In the Power Distribution Box ( which is " live " ) located in the engine compartment : Fuse ( # 107 ) is a 50 amp fuse for the engine cooling fan motors

Replace freeze plug on a 1998 ford Windstar?

Replace freeze plug in a 1998 ford windstar ?

Do you have a 3.8 engine for a 2001 Windstar Ford Van?

Do you have a 3.8 engine for a 2001 Windstar Ford Van?

How do you clean 2001 Ford Windstar carbureator?

There is no carburetor on a 2001 Ford Windstar engine because the engine is fuel injected

Engine diagram ford 3.8L engine 2001 windstar?

diagram of motor windstar 3.8

Diag procedure po135 on 200 ford windstar 3.8?

Replace the oxygen sensor behind the engine - grey connector.

Replace rear side window 99 ford windstar?

where can i buy a side window for my 99 ford windstar lx

How do you replace the evaporator in a 99 Ford Windstar 3.8L?

I don't know how to do it, but the dealer is charging me $2075.00 to replace it on my 2000 Windstar!

What size engine in a 1998 ford windstar van?

In a 1998 Ford Windstar : There were 2 engine sizes offered from the factory : A 3.0 liter V6 engine and the 3.8 liter V6 engine

How do repair the plastic cooling fan holder on a 1996 Ford Windstar?

Just replace it. The dealer should be able to order one for you or go to the wrecking yard.

Will a transmission from a 1998 Ford Windstar fit a 1995 Ford Windstar?

I am looking around to replace the transmission on my 1995 Ford Windstar and the information that I received from several different mechanics is that the 1995 Windstar transmission is a "one year" transmission so you pretty much have to get a 1995 transmission for a 1995 windstar engine. I'm no mechanic and really have no idea but this is just what I've been told... someone out!

Where is the oil pump on 95 ford windstar?

The oil pump is bolted to the bottom of the engine block INSIDE the oil pan on a 1995 Ford Windstar V6 engine

Does a 2003 ford windstar have a timing belt or chain?

The 3.8 liter V6 engine in a 2003 Ford Windstar has a timing CHAIN

What could be wrong if temp gauge reads cold and heater blows cold air on ford windstar?

I'm not a mechanic / technician but it sounds like your engine cooling thermostat is sticking open ( assuming that the electric engine cooling fans are not running continuously )

How to replace oil pump on 98 ford windstar?

when replacing the oil pump on a 98 ford winstar 3.0 liter engine do I have to pack the gears on the new oil pump

Where is the ecu on a 2002 ford windstar?

The 2002 Ford Windstar ECU can be found on the firewall in the engine compartment. The ECU will be on the drivers side of the firewall.

Where is carburetor located on 2001 Ford Windstar mini van?

Actually , the engine on a 2001 Ford Windstar is fuel injected so there is no carburetor

What type of oil for 1996 ford windstar?

( 5W-30 ) is the preferred engine oil , according to the 1996 Ford Windstar Owner Guide

Where is the 1998 Ford windstar oil pan?

On the underside of the engine.

Belt and pulley schematics for a ford Windstar engine?


Where is the bleeder screw on a 2002 ford windstar?

The "bleeder screws" that come to mind are:Brake bleed - found at each wheel caliper / wheel cylinderEngine coolant - NOT found on a Windstar engine. Cooling system bleeding/burping is basically through just running the engine with the coolant reservoir cap off.

How much does it cost to replace a Ford Windstar transmission?

transmission bands

How much does it cost it replace the transmission on a 2002 ford windstar?

About $2500.00

Where is the water pump on a 98 ford windstar?

Follow the LOWER radiator hose from the radiator . It connects to the water pump on the engine on a 1998 Ford Windstar

Where is cylinder 6 on ford windstar engine?

On a Ford Windstar : firewall 1----2----3 4----5----6 front of vehicle > driver