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Loosen two bolts on exhaust manifold and replace donut If it's an 8-valve, then it's probable that the exhaust header has burnt through where it transitions from vertical to horizontal just before connecting to the catalytic converter A new header collector can be fabricated in-place at some shops... check around.


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an exhaust flange gasket, is the gasket,commonly called a donut that is used to seal where the exhaust pipe is bolted to the exhaust manifold

A puff of smoke that's in a shape of the exhaust pipe A gasket/seal that is shaped like a donut. They are used between the manifold and the exhaust pipe.

only if its the police special. hahahah i can only guess ,does the exhaust header have a ring gasket or a flat gasket. 92, cames in 8v or 16 motors. and 8v has flat. 16v has both , flat on short 3 bolt header and ring on long 2 bolt header. i just did 3 motors. amazing

The gasket between the exhaust manifold and the exhaust headpipe is often called a "donut". It's a specially designed composite gasket, that can endure the pressure and heat of the exhaust system. Measure the diameter of the headpipe, then you should be able to go to just about any auto parts retailer and request a gasket of that diameter. OReilly auto parts, Auto Zone, Pep Boys and any local auto parts retailer should be able to help you.

All a donut gasket does is provide a seal between your exhaust and your manifold. If anything you may get better mileage because there is less restriction on your exhaust. The bad part is you may get some fumes in the passenger area. ==Another Answer== A bad donut gasket could in fact cause these symptoms. It will allow excess oxygen into the exhaust stream, tricking the oxygen sensor into thinking the engine is running lean, making it add fuel and make the engine run rich. This will hurt fuel economy and power.

only if you put one there! there should be an exhaust donut there,.

well that is kinda obvious you remove the first one and then you put the other one on

Remove the three bolts between the exhaust manafold and the downpipe. Separate the connection and remove the old gasket. You may have to pull down (a little) on the downpipe to remove the old one. The install is the reverse order of these directions. It should take you about 30 minutes. Its a Very easy procedure.

A exhaust manifold that is warped, cracked, or missing a gasket will make a sound like a engine miss. I usually look for soot near the suspected area to tell for sure.

1,350 F (732.222 degrees Celsius)

You need heat and air tools! Use an Acetylene torch to heat the manifold cherry red where the studs are one at a time and use your impact tool to back out the stud. If you don't heat the metal surrounding the stud enough, the stud will snap off. Be prepared to replace the studs. also make sure the area you heat is greese free and have a water sprayer on hand to put out any unnecessary flames. A heat shield will help. Once the connection is free, pry out the donut. Replace the studs that back out, then insert the new donut.

really you just have to look at it, if you mean that ring on the exhaust, just look at the seam that is leaking and look how it comes apart. typically its 2 or 3 bolts and its off then pop off the old ring, and replace it, then put it all back together. and good as new. PS put some antiseize on the threads before you put it back together, and spray them down with wd40 or something to help get them off easier.

I agree with the below comments. I am no mechanic, but have some ability. Changing the alternator was no small task. I actually was able to get the alternator out through the top, but at the expense of removing A/C connections and many words I would not want my children to hear. Fortunately, the A/C needed recharged anyway. If I ever have another alternator problem, I'm going to a gargage..... If you are not mechanically inclined, don't try it. If so, disconnect exhaust pipe from exhaust manifold going to catalytic converter, including bracket mount holding the exhaust pipe to convertor. Disconnect ground cable from battery, disconnect large wire on alternator (#10 metric wrench) and unplug quick connect wires. Loosen belt tensioner after loosing both mounting bolts. One is a pivot, one is a slide bracket. Now the fun begins, drop the alternator down through the bottom. Very tight, that's why you have to disconnect exhaust system. Reverse order for installation. Make sure you replace the "donut" gasket on the exhaust pipe or it will leak. Good luck

A chocolate donut. Or a jelly donut.

first off get some WD-40 and some deep well sockets that will fit the nuts on the exhaust. Make sure you soak the nuts well with the D40 because they lock to the threads because of the heat. Once you get the nuts loosened set the new gasket into the inset depression on the pipe and tighten just make sure you don't over thighten the nuts or they will snap off and then you have major problems.

Yes a little can if your Donut which connects your engine to your exhaust pipe is broken, cracked , it is locate under where your feet set in the center under neath your car. Had a problem with mine doesn't smell to good ...

Just saw off the muffler, rejet, and run an open pipe. You'll be the parking lot donut king!

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If you are replacing it from the donut gasket to the tail pipe, You'd be better off to take it to a muffler shoppe. There are specific bends in the pipes where they bend around the tranny. You should be looking in the 200-250 range, about 2 hrs of work, for OEM parts... Is it a V8? If so, splurge... go to a specialty shoppe and have stainless steel dual exhaust put on it... the performance and sound are well worth the money.

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