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There Is Only one Bolt Holding The Tensioner Arm To the Motor This Arm Pivots Up And Down On It Should Be A Hole That A 1/2 Inch Drive Ratchet Fits Into Place The Ratchet IN The Hole And Pull Up This Releaves The Tension ON The Belt And You Can Remove It With Ease.

When You Replace The Belt Do The Reverse As Stated Above. (Important)Remember What Way The Belt Is Routed On The Pullies

(this the right answer for 97 )I removed the front right wheel, the plastic inspection cover and located nut holding the lower portion of the most forward part of the motor mount.

Once I removed the nut 18mm (I'm from Canada eh) I used a 5 /16 8 point ratcheting wrench to remove the stud. I then removed the roundstock portion of the motor mount by tapping it with a hammer. (the handyman's favourite tool) Removing this part of the motor mount makes it possible to remove and replace the serpentine belt.

This performance took me less than an hour.

I like the car, not the designers...

Does anyone have any pictures of the motor mount which you need to remove to take the belt off?

I cant answer for a '97 specifically, there was a design changer somewhere between 95 and 99. for the 95, and probably 97, you just rotate the tensioner and the belt slips off, no need to remove the engine mnt (with this set-up you need to lift the engine to replace the water pump)

For a '99, you need to rotate the tensioner AND remove the round-stock from the lower engine mnt to remove the belt (but now you no longer have to lift the engine to replace the water pump

there is no need to remove any motor mounts to change the serpentine belt on a 3.8L 1994 Buick lesabre

just put socket/wrench/specialty belt tool on nut of tensioner and rotate it, then slip belt off. make sure it doesnt slip and catch ur fingers under belt...could make for a nice little owie,lol. someone.

sincerely , mr. lost in a snowbank lol

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Q: How do you replace the fan belt and belt tensioner on a 1997 Buick LeSabre with AC?
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