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You need 2 special wrenches to do the job correctly. Also the big nut has a left hand thread. If you do not have access to these tools, you can use a large strap wrench to hold the assembly while you loosen the nut with a large adjustable wrench. Remember, it has left hand threds.

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Q: How do you replace the fan clutch on a 94 4.0 liter Ranger?
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How do you remove the fan clutch on a 2001 Ford Ranger?

you have to have fan clutch wrenches

1992 BMW 318i fan clutch removal?

how do you remove the fan clutch on a 1992 318i 1.8 liter?

Where is located the clutch fan relay on a 5.9 liter Dodge van?

The fan clutch is a mechanical viscous drive and does not have a relay.

How do you replace the fan clutch on a 1997 Chevrolet S10 pickup?

Usually there are 4 nuts holding the clutch and fan on to the water pump shaft. Just pull the nuts, remove the fan clutch and replace it.

How do you replace heater fan on 1986 Chevrolet van?

What is the problem? Do you want to replace fan or fan clutch?

How do you replace a fan clutch on a 2003 Ford Explorer?

How to remove fan clutch on 2003 ford explorer

How do you replace the fan clutch on a 1994 Nissan Pickup V6?

the fan clutch is built into the water pump,it cant be separated,you have to replace the water pump.

How do you replace the fan clutch on a 1999 Tahoe?

Remove the fan belt, by loosening the tensioner pulley. Remove the fan clutch with the retaining bolts. Reverse the process to install the new fan clutch.

How do you take the fan cluch off a 89 Ford Ranger to replace?

how do i take the fan cluch off a 89 ford ranger yo replace

How do you replace the fan clutch in a 2004 vw passat?

how do you remove a fan clutch from a 2004 volkswagon passat 2.8 motor

How do you replace a 1998 Nissan Frontier fan clutch?


Does a stuck fan clutch bog down motor?

no. but it will interfere with keeping your engine staying cool its simple to replace a fan clutch

How do you replace the fan clutch on a 2004 Nissan Frontier?

with your dick

If cooling fan clutch on 94 Toyota truck breaks does water pump still function?

yes just replace the fan clutch assembly

Why does the engine get hot when idling?

The fan clutch is not functioning properly. Replace.

How do you replace a fan clutch on a 2004 jeep grand Cherokee?


How do you remove the fan clutch of a 1995 Geo Tracker?

HI, The first question I need to know is, have you removed the fan yet? And why do you want to remove the clutch? Are you trying to replace the fan/clutch assy? If you have not removed the fan/clutch then here's how to get that out. First drain the cooling system so the coolant is below the upper radiator hose. Take the upper hose off of the radiator. remove all of the fan shroud retaining fasteners. Loosen all of the fan/clutch mounting fasteners. remove the water pump drive belt. Remove the fan/clutch mounting fasteners, then lift the fan/clutch and fan shroud out together. Then remove the clutch however you can. Reverse what you did to replace everything and replace the coolant. This could be a good time to replace all your coolant if it hasn't been done for as while. Good luck and if you need more help, we hope you'll clarify your question. Steve H.

How do you replace the fan clutch on a 1997 Ford Ranger 2.3L?

You use a long 3/8 rachet to move the tensioner on the fan belt so you can remove it. Then you remove the 4 bolts holding the fan pully on with a 10mm wrench,you may have to get someone to hold the fan still when your breaking bolts loose. Take bolts out of the fan Clutch to remove the fan blades. Buy new parts & install in reverse order.

How do you replace the fan clutch assembly on a 1999 Dodge Durango cost?

If Possible Get rid of your Clutch Fan and go Electric! But to answer the question, remove serpentine belt and use a strap wrench to stop clutch from spinning when you try to remove fan clutch nut from water pump!

Which way does the Fan clutch turn unscrew 1986 ranger 2.9?

as you are looking at the fan from the front of pickup it unscrews to the right and tightens to the left

Fan clutch 2002 mack 460 hard to replace trying now?

mack fan clutch has left hand thread.i have changed them out before, hope that helps you

How do you replace the fan clutch on a 2005 GMC Envoy?

Remove the shroud and the fan. loosen the clutch bolts .... not always easy. We have more detailed instructions at our enthusiasts website.

How do you diagnose a non working fan motor on a 1996 E-150 - it isn't the fuse?

check the relay and if that is good turn on your a/c and see if the fan is running if it is then replace the temp sending unit to the fan trace the wires to the fan itf it electric if not and it is a clutch fan then replace with a new clutch fan or a straight fan that cools all the time

How do you replace the pulley to the fan clutch on a 2002 Chevy Trailblazer?

if you do not have no experience in fixing car, do not do it

What is the Clicking noise on the right side end 2004 trailblazer?

replace your fan clutch.