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How do you replace the fog light bulbs on a 2002 Pontiac Firebird?


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I suspect they are like my 1999 Firebird. You have to go up from underneath. There is a panel that opens and then you have to reach in through that panel. When you feel the rear, twist it slightly and it will unlock and come loose. Be careful not to handle the new bulb. Oils from the fingers will mess it up.

You can also take the plastic cover off of your high and low beams and each down through the opening to get to the fog lamp. You really need a strong arm to do it this way, however.

I replaced mine OEM lamps (with sylvania silverstar bulb # 880ST) from the underneath on my 2000 firebird. After I got the panel open (2 fasteners) and twisted to remove the lamp holder, I found that the wiring was just barely long enough to get the holder clear of the opening. I did not jack the car up, and I suspect that it would make this much easier. USE JACKSTANDS! Also when reinstalling the new bulb I found it easy if I looked through the the lamp lens from the front. The socket is keyed so the lamp holder only goes in one way and about a quarter turn is all that is needed to lock the holder into place. Finally, DO NOT remove the screw at the top/front of the fog light lens. This is apparently an adjustment and if you remove this screw (as I did) then the spring which holds tension on the lamp assembly will fall out. It took more time to find and reinstall this spring and screw than it did to repalce both of the lamps!


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