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In order to replace the Foglight on a 01 Hyundai XG300 you need to first remove the headlight on whichever side the foglight is located on.

This is the easiest and cleanest way to get access to the foglight assembly.

As soon as you remove the bolts holding the headlight, please remove the wiring to the headlights, each headlight should have about 2-3 plugs.

You are not ready to remove the headlight, it simply just slides out. You will not have access to the fog light, you can look straight down and feel the fog light. There is 2 Phillips screws holding the fog light, remove those two. You will now be able to slip out the fog light assembly by pushing forward on it, slipping out through the front of the car, not the inside.

You can now open the cap to replace the fog light bulb and do whatever you need. I belive the bulb size is H1 or H3, you'll see it written on the bulb itself.

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Q: How do you replace the fog light on an '01 Hyundai XG300?
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