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The maximas have a single piston caliper which needs to be removed. It is held there by 2 bolts accessible form the engine side if you are looking at it from the wheel side. So remove the wheel and make sure that the car is properly supported. I usually put the tire right below the wheel arm to give extra backup support - just in case.


Now take a ratched wrench and unscrwe the bolts. They turn counterclockwise if you are looking at the bolt - so if you are in front where the tire mounts it would be the opposite direction of turn.

Anyhow when removing the second bolt carefully take the caliper off - you will notice that there is a rubber hose. DO NOT dangle the calier on this!! Support the caliper making sure that the rubber hose is NOT being stressed.

Now carefully remove the pads (here we are discussing the FRONT of the car) you may need a screwdriver, being careful not to score the rotor.

Depending on pad kit that you have ont he car now, it may have some metal backing. Check to see if you have a new backing plate. Remove the front facing and the rear facing pads. Note that one of them has a metal "noise maker" perpendicular to the pad braking face. This should squeel when it touches the rotor indicating that you MUST replace them pads ASAP.

Now you need to carefully put the NEW pads in, with their backing plate(s) into the slot (which you will see). Also you may receive (or should have) a high temperature grease with which you have to carefully wioth a finger tip grease the moving metal parts = DO NOT get any of this grease on the rotor!!! If you accidentally do then you MUST wipe it CLEAN with a dry cloth!!!!

The next step is to push the piston bak into the caliper. There are inexpensive piston pushers which are really very helpful. BTW - before starting this you should have checked the brake fluid reservoir. Many "dumb" service folks add fluid - they should never add fluid if level is above the minimum level. The reason is that the excess fluid will be forced back into the the reservoir and may overflow!!!

Once you got the piston back into its zero position then carefully place the caliper back over the the two brake pads. WARNING - most maximas have two small metal springs that push the pads away from the rotor face. These must be properly inserted before the caliper is reattached.

The socket where the caliper bolts go into have movement and it may need to be pushed towards you to get the caliper onto its correct position. Further on the same piece there is a cut washer that needs to fit, by rotating it a bit, to make the caliper assembly fit on correctly.

Once you have this put the screws back in and tighten the screw using a rubber hammer.

By hand you should be able to rotate the wheel it the car is in neutral (make sure there are chocks under the rear wheel)

Also you should be able to move the whole caliper assembly by hand in out a few millimeters.

Now you are ready to put the tire back on.

Repeat the same process for the other side of the smae axle.

REAR axle

Smae process as front except that you need to buy a piston rotating tool (about $5 or so) it is a little rectangle with 2 and/or 4 little knobs) that fit into a 1/4 ratche extension. (These are universal ones - so there are six faces on them with the ratches extension hole in the center) Any car part store will have these.

They disassemble the same way. EXCEPT that the rear wheels have the parking brake attachment. Its OK, just usign this tool you will have to rotate the piston (they have like 4 little holes - into whoch those 4 little knobules fit) Find the correct face to make sure it fits. Then use the ratchet to turn the piston in clockwise until it does not rotate any more. Careful it has a rubber cover and sometimes the rubber will /should rotate while you rotate the piston back into its original place. Reassemble the whole thing (as per the front). Making sure that the wheels rotate freely (having the parking brake OFF).

The rear wheel will adjust itself when going backwards and stepping on the brake.

Remember to check the brake fluid reservoir, it should be at the maximum level now!.

Good quality brake pads can be had for about $35 (like Bendix).-)

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Q: How do you replace the front brake pad of a 1993 Nissan Maxima?
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