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Changing the front brake pads is a relatively easy procedure.

First, loosen, but do not remove the lug nuts holding on the tire you are wishing to begin.

Second, place a wheel choke behind the back tire and jack up the front wheel you will be removing. Once jack up to where the tire can move without hitting the ground, place you support brackets under the vehicle and take the tire off. Once the tire is removed, lower the axle down onto the support. While you have the wheel off, I always take the opportunity to really scrub clean the inside of the rim. The brake dust makes a mess up there and car washes can never get it clean.

Third, there are two bolts which hold you caliper in place, they are on the back side and you can easily see them, as they are relatively long. Remove these and you will be able to "wiggle" you caliper assembly off of the rotor. Have a piece of wire of something to support the caliper, as you do not want it to hang by the brake fluid hose. That causes unnecessary wear.

Before moving onto the next step, I would have you consider replacing your rotors before getting this far into the job. They are relatively inexpensive and if your rotors are worn and uneven your new brake pads will not give you all the bite they were designed to.

Fourth, pop the pads out of the caliper and using a "C" clamp, depress the plunger back into its housing slowly. This forces the brake fluid back up the hose and prevents you from having to bleed the brakes.

Fifth, insert the new brake pads, replace the rotor if you have chosen to do so, and slide the assembly back into place on the rotor. Keeping in mind to make sure to hook your calipers securely against the notches they sit against.

Six, Reinsert the bolts holding the assembly in place.

Seven, Jack the axle up off of your support, and remove them from under the vehicle.

Eight, Put your tire back on and secure the lug nuts. Remember, alternate the tightening of them using "across the clock" pattern. Don't forget the wheel choke behind the back tire.

Now you are finished, take the truck out for a test drive at low speeds. Prior to moving out of your parking space, ensure you have pumped the brake pedal 5-6 times and that you have enough braking power. If you have any hesitation about it, DO NOT OPERATE THE VEHICLE! Jack the car back up and confirm that all steps were taken and everything is securely tightened.

This should take about 45-60 minutes your first time. Once you do it a couple times you will find that it takes longer to get the tools and everything together than the actual change over.

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Q: How do you replace the front brake pads on a 2002 Dodge Durango?
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