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Well I have done the brakes on many a here goes! First thing is loosen the lug nut on the wheel(s) that need new pads. After there loose jack up the car, take off the bolts and the tire/wheel. If you have been driving recently the rotor may still be hot! There are 2 bolts on the back of the caliper, The caliper fits over the large "disk" like rotor. remove them. If I remember right they might be 10mm bolts slide the caliber off and balance it somewhere without putting strain on the brake line running to it. bungy cords or some rope work nice The pads may have come off when you pulled the caliper off or may be stuck to the caliper or rotor. remove the old pads and inspect them. If one pad is worn more than the other dramatically you may need to replace your caliper. If they have deep scrapes or scratches you may need new rotors. If the rotors them selfs have deep groves in them it may be time to have them "turned" or replaced. the new pads should slide into clips or rest in the caliper when you slip them in some people use brake part grease on the bolts and back of the pads. DO NOT PUT GREASE ON THE ROTORS OR BRAKING SURFACE OF THE PADS! this may damage your brake system and severely inhibit braking force!!! AKA no brakes! after you grease slide the caliper back on, you may need to push the piston in all the way to fit the new brake pads on. use a large "C clamp" and a small block of wood. put the wood on the piston of the caliper and secure the clamp on the wood and the back of the caliper and tighten slowly, letting the piston to go in easy. if you tighten to quickly you can blow a brake line or damage other components. After you get the caliper on, Tighten down the two caliper bolts make sure the rubber sheath is still on them, spray everything down with, brake part cleaner, to get rid of grease from your hands or other substances that may hinder braking performance (you can pick up a large can for 3$ at a auto parts store) let it dry, give it a visual inspection and pop on the tire and hand tighten the bolts. lower the car and tighten the bolts to manufactures specifications If you need more help see the "related links" I added

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Q: How do you replace the front brake pads on a 2005 pontiaac grand prix?
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