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I replaced the front pads on my sonata 95 recently, here is how i did it. First jack the car up, make sure that it is secure, ie: use jack stands or blocks to hold it. Then unscrew the log nuts, and remove the hub cap and wheel. Unscrew the caliper bolts , then remove the caliper and hold it in place suspended , use a cord to attach it to the springs.

Remove the pads, and then clean the disk with disk cleaner and also where the pads where so the new disk will fit in easily. I had to hammer the pads out because they were stuck there from rust.

Place the new pads in and make sure that you transfer the anti rattling plate from the caliper piston side onto the new pad ( inside ).

Now you must push the caliper piston back in or you won't be able to place the caliper back in. You can use a C-Clamp or buy a brake tool to push it back it in. Then re-bolt the caliper, make sure that it is properly installed. Then press the brake pedal gently until the piston is is secured against the pads. put the wheel back and the hub cap make sure that the air valve in in the proper position. and voila.

do the same to the other wheel and you are done for $40.00

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Q: How do you replace the front brakes on a 1995 Hyundai Sonata?
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