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Remove the right pillar cover. Once removed slide a flat head screw driver carefully between the cover that holds the speaker and the dash cover. You will see 2 separate covers. Pry open slowly from the right side up. You will be able to use your hands. The speaker is held in with screws. I never took my out just unplugged it. Be careful with the windshield when you remove the speaker. Hope this helps

How do you replace the front dash center speaker of a 2000 Dodge intrepid es that has the factory infinity system?

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Speaker wiring diagram Dodge Ram 2005 with factory infinity amp?

You can find a speaker wiring diagram for Dodge Ram 2005 with factory infinity amp by visiting the nearest Dodge authorized repair center.

Is it easy to replace factory speaker?

yes and no

How do you get to the infinity amp in the 2004 Dodge Ram?

infinity speakers have the amp on the speaker

How can you disable the door chime on a 2008 Chevy 5500?


What are the wire colors for 99 intrepid with the infinity stereo?

The wire color codes for a 1999 Dodge Intrepid with the infinity stereo are simple to follow and identify. The car radio constant 12V+ wire is pink, the radio switched 12V+ wire is red/white, the radio ground wire is a black strap, the stereo dimmer wire is orange, and the stereo antenna trigger wire is orange/red. For the front speakers, the left front speaker wire (+) is dark green, the left front speaker wire (-) brown/red, the right front speaker wire (+) is purple, and the right front speaker wire (-) is dark blue/red. For the rear speakers, the left rear speaker wire (+) is brown/yellow, the left rear speaker wire (-) is brown/light blue, the right rear speaker wire (+) is dark blue/white, and the rear right speaker wire (-) is dark blue/orange.

How do you fix a 2005 infiniti g35 sedan no sound through speaker when radio is on?

you should replace the factory amplifier and that will solve your problem

How do you know if you have an infinity system in a Chrysler town and country?

The radio face, and speaker covers will say "infinity" on them.

Where is the factory amp located in a 2002 Dodge Intrepid es?

I have no idea. Had to install a new radio after someone stole our factory raiio. A ohm meter connected to the rear speaker shows that something is between the speakers ans the radio. Barry's Dad. Jack Hornburg (

What are the factory speaker sizes for a 64 dodge dart?

6x9 is the speaker size.

How do you fix a short in a speaker?

If the short is in the speaker itself just replace the speaker.

Front and rear speaker size in 2002 dodge ram quad cab?

Depending on your trim level.... 1in center and 2-3.5s in dash w/infinity factory... Standard 6x9 in front doors, and 5.25 in rear door.. We install alot of infinity 6x9s and infinity 6.5 in these.. You can fit 6.5s in the rear if you drill new screw holes.

Install aftermarket stereo into 2002 galant with the infinity premium sound system?

Cars with 'premium' sound systems from Infinity (or Bose) always have their own amplifiers hidden in your car. These amps are specificially designed to work with the factory head unit and speakers. If you want to upgrade your head unit you would be well advised to replace ALL the speakers and amp with aftermarket units as well. It would be especially tricky otherwise the Infinity setup in Galants have 7 speakers, including a center channel speaker in your dash.

Is it better to replace factory 4 ohm speaker with a 8 ohm speaker?

You need to look at this from the other way: The stereo should be rated for a sertain resistance speaker. Using a higher ohm speaker will not hurt the stereo but using a lower ohmm one will. But matching the correct rating will ensure volume and durabilty

My Infinity radio is working but why am I not getting sound through my speakers?

Check your speaker wire, make sure that it is connected to the radio and the speaker.

Speaker wiring diagram Dodge Ram 2005 with infinity amp bypass?

You can find a speaker wiring diagram Dodge Ram 2005 with infinity amp bypass by visiting the nearest Dodge authorized repair center.

How do you connect new 6x9 rear speakers to the factory wiring in a 1990 Mercury Topaz?

First of all you will need to snip the factory connector off near the speaker(s) you intend to replace. Then it is a matter of trial and error to get the correct polarity. If the polarity is reversed, you will still get sound out of the speaker, however, the tone coming out of the speaker will be higher (little to no bass). If that happens, reverse the wires and mount the speakers.

Can you replace a 6 ohm speaker with an 8 ohm speaker?

That is no problem.

Can a 6 ohms speaker replace a 8 ohms speaker?


What size speaker are in a 2005 Mitsubishi endeavor?

4 six inch infinity speakers

How do you replace a rear speaker in a 1999 Chevy Suburban?

rear door-remove the door panel. back speaker carefully pry off grille cover and replace speaker

How do I replace the side mirror on 2007 Hyundai Sonata?

Remove the factory speaker cover on the inside of the door and remove the 3 screws from the mirror. The speaker cover is held in with 2 clips, one at the top and one at the bottom. They are friction fit clips.

What size speakers are in a 97 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo?

Both the standard audio system and the Infinity Gold premium audio system have the same size speakers:Front Doors: 6X 3/4"Rear Doors: 6X 3/4"If you have speakers in the dashboard of your Jeep, they are 2X 1/2".You can tell if you have the Infinity Gold system or not because if you have the system, Infinity Gold will be printed on both front door speaker grilles. If Infinity Gold is not printed on both front door speaker grilles, you do not have the Infinity Gold system. Also, if you have the system, an amplifier is placed under the rear bench seat on the driver's side. If the factory head unit has a joystick-like fader control, you have the Infinity Gold system.Thanks!

Speaker size for a Dodge Intrepid?

front 6 1/2'' back 6x9 infiniti tweetwers 1''

What size are the factory speaker in a 2000 ford excursion?


Factory speaker size in 95 Chevy Tahoe?


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