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How do you replace the front disc brake pads on a 1999 Ford Expedition?


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2015-07-15 19:47:50
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What you will need:

The proper torx socket to remove the brake calipar(you can usually buy this at your favorite automotive supplier, ie. AutoZone, Pep Boys) and socket rench.

A C-Clamp to compress the calipar.

An old clean basting surenge that is disposable.

An old clean bowl that is disposable.

Doing the job: Before jacking up the wheel you will start with. Loosen the lugs of the wheel with lug rench.

Jack up the wheel and remove the lugs with you hand.

Remove the top to the brake fluid well.

Remove the brake calipar with the appropraite torx socket.

Remove the pad that is not connected to the brake calipar.

With your C-Clamp slowly begin to screw the calipar back into its well.

Making sure that you also check the brake fluid level and remove, with the basting surenge, any fluid that leak onto the internal working parts of the engine or manifold, into the bowl. This stuff really stinks when it begins to smoke.

Once the calipar is compressed remove the brake pad and replace both pads with the new.

Reattach the brake calipar and tighten.

Reattach wheel and lugs tighten thumb tight.

Let the wheel down slightly touching the ground and tighten with lug rench.

Repeat this process on the other three wheels.


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