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After you remove the caliper, the rotor should just come off with a slight tug. If there is some rust around the rotor/hub, spray some penetrating oil around the hub, partially replace the lug nuts, and then tap the rotor at the hub with a hammer. This should crack them free. The nuts are used so if you accidentally hit one of the studs with the hammer, the stud threads will not be damaged. Just don't swing the hammer that hard.

Anchor plate SOB!!!!!! I just attempted what I thought would be a quick front brake job on my 93 tbird until I ran into the F------ anchor plate. Goint to try and heat up the two bolts that hold the anchor plate and see if I can break them loose. If that doesnt work I am off the the mechanic with a jar a vaseline.

After you remove the caliper you have to remove the caliper bracket. Two bolts hold this on they are 15 mm size. The bolts have lock tight on them, I use a breaker bar with a pipe extension and they always come off.Heating the bolt is another option too this will soften the lock tight.After the braket is removed you may have to hit the rotor with a hammer to break it loose of the hub..

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Q: How do you replace the front rotors on a 1996 Ford Thunderbird?
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