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i have a 1997, i don't think it's much different. take the 2 or 3 Phillips head screws out of the door panel, you should be able to pop the external plastic off the window crank, i believe it's a t10 or t15 torx. pull the door panel off, and you'll see the stock speaker. take the 4 bolts out of it. depending on the speaker you may have to splice the wires and solder them onto the new speaker's terminals. test it, make sure it works, and put it all back together. good luck and be safe.

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Q: How do you replace the front speakers on a 1991 Ford Ranger?
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What size speaker are in the doors of a 1991 Ford Ranger?

The speakers in the doors of a 1991 Ford Ranger are 6-inch speakers.

What size are the rear speakers in a 1991 Ranger?

6X8 most speakers are 6X9, pioneer makes a factory replacement for Ford/Mazda that is 6X8

What front axle is in a 1991 ford ranger?

it's a TTB

What size are the speakers in a 1991 Grand Marquis?

Rear Deck Speakers Are 6x9" and the front door panel speakers are 5 1/4"

What size speakers does a 1991 Honda Civic DX 4 doors sedan have?

The 1991 Honda civic uses 6.5" speakers for both front and rear.

What is the size of the Front door speakers on a 1991 Nissan Stanza?

They are 4x6.

How do you replace the front speakers on a 1991 Chevy blazer?

Remove the speaker covers. Each speaker cover is held in place with two retaining screws. Remove the speaker retaining screws. Remove the wiring harness from the back of the speakers. Reverse the process to install the new speakers.

Front speaker size 1991 Ford Thunderbird?

front speakers are located in the door panels. the size is 6x8 or 5x7

How do you replace dash speakers in a 1991 Jeep Wrangler?

if its like the 1993 which i think it is you need A torq take the front windshield down undo the screws under where the windshield sits that are holding the dashboard to the metal it should pop forward enough to change the speakers

What is the front door speaker size for a 1991 Plymouth Laser RS?

You can put 4" speakers...

Where is the Location of the instrument cluster on a 1991 ford ranger?

WHAT? Its right in front of the driver.

How do you install rear speakers in a 1991 Ford Laser?

First you take out the old speakers if you have them.Then you put the speakers in the back because in the front there are too many wires.You plug it in and you are good to go.

What are the Speaker specifications of a 1991 Oldsmobile tornado?

Actually...The front speakers are 5 1/4" 4 Ohm speakers and the tweeters are .6" 4 ohm tweeters. Door speakers are easy to replace, but the tweeters are impossible to find the size. Rears are 10 ohm 6 x 9" Ovals. Good luck finding 10ohm though...Can't be found. I have not yet changed the back speakers, but the front speakers are 6 inch speakers. The stock speakers are 4 ohm. Im not sure about the tweeters and rear speakers. Just pull them out and look at the back.

How do I replace the front brake rotors on a 1991 Dodge W250?

With a mechanic!

What size are the front door speakers in a 1991 caprice?

Car speaker fit guide - CHEVROLET CAPRICE CLASSIC 1991 According to our database, here are the speakers types that go in your CHEVROLET CAPRICE CLASSIC 1991 car, along with their location: * Front: 4" x 6" * Rear: 6" x 9" * Front door: 4" x 6" * Rear deck: 6" x 9"

What size are the speakers in a 91 Corsica?

The 1991 Chevrolet Corsica dashboard speakers measure 3.5 inches in diameter. The front door speakers measure four inches by five inches. The rear speakers measure five inches by seven inches.

How do you repair or replace front brake pads on a 1991 Ford Ranger?

Knock pins out holding the caliper in place. Pull caliper off of rotor. Remove old pads from inside of caliper. Sometimes, the back pad will still be sitting against the back of the rotor. Replace front pad back in the same grooves on the caliper.

What size speakers are on a 1991 Buick Park Avenue?


How do you fix a bent front axle on a 1991 Chevy Cavalier?

You don't, you replace it.

1992 ranger radio color code?

1991-92 Ford Ranger Stereo Information Constant 12V+ Green/Yellow Switched 12V+ Yellow/Black Ground Chassis Illumination Blue/Red Dimmer n/a Antenna Trigger n/a Antenna Right Front Front Speakers 6 1/2" Doors Left Front (+) Orange/Green Left Front (-) Black/White Right Front (+) White/Green Right Front (-) Black/White Rear Speakers 5" x 7" Rear Wall Left Rear (+) Pink/Green Left Rear (-) Pink/Blue Right Rear (+) Pink/Blue Right Rear (-) Green/Orange

What size are the front speakers of a 1991 Jeep Wrangler?


What size speakers are in the front doors and the back doors of a 1991 Explorer XLT?

the speaker size is 5x7 all around.

What size speakers are in a 1991 Plymouth sundance?

6 x 8 Rear 5 1/4 front in the doors

What's the front and rear size of the factory speakers in a 1991 Toyota Tercel dx 2dr auto and could i change them my self?

front are 6.5" and the back are 4x6"

Is a 1991 Ford Ranger fuel injected?

Yes , a 1991 Ford Ranger has engines that are fuel injected