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How do you replace the front turn signal bulb located on a 1986 Honda Accord LX?


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open your hood and there should be a screw in the corner of the turn signal and it should slid right out

Here is what I had to do on my 1988 Accord1. Open the retractable headlights.2. Remove the plastic shroud around the headlight: two screws in front and one on each side.3. Look to the outside of the headlight and you will see a single screw in a small plastic cover on the front inside edge of the signal light assembly. The headlight prevents you from getting at the screw straight-on. I broke it loose with an offset Phillips screwdriver, and then backed it out with a regular Phillips.4. Remove the plastic cover, and you will see two screws. Remove them.5. Now you can pull the turn signal assembly forward and out.6. To remove the bulb holders from the assembly, twist counterclockwise and pull out.7. Pull straight outward to remove the bulbs.To assemble, follow the steps in reverse. Note that there are two plastic rods on the back end of the turn signal assembly that you will insert into two holes in the channel of the fender.

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