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If one side is out, first try a new flasher.Turn on the side that works to trace the noise. If both sides are out, you will need to locate your flasher; they vary on models, but on many hondas they are on the far left (drivers) side under the dash. After you replace the flasher and still have problems, (like I did on a Honda Passport), I had to replace the turn signal switch in the column; it had a bad spot in it and after I replaced it, it worked great. I a little.

==Please answer the question=The above answer evades the question of how to change the bulb. I also have an 88 accord, and can't figure out how to get to the front turn signal bulb.

88 Honda Accord LXi turn signal changeI have an 88 lxi 4 door with retractable headlights.the turn signal is held in place by 2 things. the first is a 'spring clip' on the side near the radiator. the other is a small plastic tube with a star point (Phillips) screw holding it in place,on the underside of the turn signal assembly,accessible through a hole in the bottom of some plastic foam on the underside of the car. This was on the underside of the assembly away from the radiator (towards the driver side). I couldn't get the Phillips screw out, so I removed the headlight and took out the 4 screws holding in the retractable bezel,I left the motor arm attached. After much contortion I snaked my hand in there and pushed out on the side of the assembly FURTHEST from the radiator and also pushed the plastic tube UP from the bottom and the assembly popped out like it was on a hinge.The "hinge" is the spring clip on the side closer to the radiator and it was easy to slide out, once the other side was free. The bulb holder came out with about a quarter turn and the rest was easy.

believe me i cussed out auto design engineering idiots.


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Q: How do you replace the front turn signal bulb located on a 1988 Honda Accord?
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