How do you replace the front turn signal bulb located on a 1998 Chevy Camaro?

Take the light assy off and it screws in from te rear.

To expand on the cryptic and nearly useless advice above, try this. Remove the ONE 10mm bolt at the top rear center of the headlight assembly. DO NOT remove any of the metal bracket bolts or change any of the headlight adjusting screws. Slide entire headlight assembly towards the centerline of the car until the two positioning tabs at the bottom of the assembly line up with the slots in the headlight bracket. Pull the entire headlight assembly forward and angle the assembly to clear the fender at the outer edge. At this point, you can use a screw driver to release the wire sockets for high and low beams and completely remove the headlight assembly (easier access to the turn signal bulb) or just leave the wires connected and work around them (harder access to the turn signal bulb, but possible). The turn signal bulb socket is now accessable. Press in the locking tab and rotate the socket to remove it. Replace the bulb with a 3157LL bulb. (The factory bulb is a 3157K, the 3157LL is a "Long-Life" bulb, and considering what a pain it is to change, long-life is well worth the extra buck.

1. Jack up car and support on jack stands (or use ramps) 2. Remove three screws securing under-cover to air dam. 3. Grip the light bulb socket and twist while compressing the locking clip. 4. Pull bulb straight up out of the socket and replace.

I've just done our 2002 Camaro front left turn bulb after discovering this answer here - but it's even easier than the above I think...

The piece of plastic that fills in under the front of the car is held to the front fender, the wheel well liner and the air dam with a number of screws. There are also two splits in this cover immediately adjacent to 2 of these screws - if you remove just the two screws that are behind the air dam that connect the black plastic to the finder, you'll find that you now have a small door that will hinge downwards to let you get your arm in.

Of course I discovered this after I'd removed the whole thing.

I think with some cars, you have to enter in from the hood and go behind where the headlights are. Not sure if this helps, but it's worth a shot.