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How do you replace the front turn signal on a 2001 Corvette?


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1) Open hood

2) manually open headlights

3) Remove the 3 screws to the black cover around the headlight. The cover has a lip on top, so be careful when removing the black cover

4) Stick your arm through the headlight hole and fill around for the turn signal bulb. It is a tight fit and you have to reach in fairly deep.

From the bottom of the car, remove about 6 screws the plate comes off, 1/2 turn and the bulb is out.

If you have a 2000 Corvette surely you could afford a mechanic?

However, if you wish to do these things yourself and save money, invest a couple dollars in a Chilton's manual for your year/model car. Chilton's manuals are well and plainly written and include good, clear photographs. For less than $100, you could get a chiltons and a great set of basic tools, and save literally thousands in mechanic's fees.

Dealership will charge nearly a hundred bucks for this and you will be without your car most of the day while they get around to it.

I would suggest a rapid decelleration in front of said dealership's repair bay, locking the tires up in a sidways slide.

Once you have slowed sufficiently, open the door and jump out when the car comes to a complete stop - Reach inside the opening just below the turn signal and push the friction fit hose back and out of your way. Reach inside the hole and locate the wiring harness and lamp socket for the turn signal. Turn 1/4 turn and pull wiring harness out of the opening. Change the bulb. Reverse the process.

      • Be sure to push the release on the side of the socket as you turn it which releases the "stop" and allows it to turn. If you have your owners manual it shows the stop release in the section that describes changing a rear bulb. *****

Takes less than 4 minutes unless you are going to follow the earlier advice given and go fumbling through a Chiltons manual - not in print yet for these years.

Do a burnout as you leave the dealership.



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